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The new Porsche Panamera

The first officel picture of the new Porsche Panamera. Porsche Panamera will be avalible in diesel and convertible versions. The front-engine, rear-drive Panamera will likely start out with a power range of 300 to 500 hp through a range of V6 and V8 engines.

Choosing a Self Defense / Martial Arts School: A Parents Guide

"Daddy, I want to take Karate!""Mommy, Jimmy on the bus hit me again today"There are many reasons why parents want to sign their children up for Self Defense or Martial Arts classes. Once you have made the decision, now you are faced with many different options and questions.

Basic Drills

We all have a good foundation in the basic blows and combinations.Think about adding the following drills to your basic syllabus.

A Beginning History of Old School Jujutsu - Part 1

Over the next couple of day's I will writing an article of the history of Pre-WWII Japanese Jujitsu/Judo. I wasn't sure where to start, but here I am so let's get started.

A Great Question!

It's a question that we went back and forth with for awhile ourselves many moons ago. The "how" and "why" of our conclusions may be of some interest.

The Acronym That Saved My Life

Frequently, I get asked about certifications, systems or methods. We made a decision a long time ago of purposely staying away from things like this.

Are You Still Standing Toe to Toe?

How many times do you practice techniques with your training partner and you stay in the same spot? Next time you are training, see how much you and your partner move. You will find you move very little or not at all.

Are You Frustrated Yet?

I was talking to a parent recently and they told me that their son was not going to compete in wrestling because they were afraid they would get frustrated when he lost. The parent felt the child was far too sensitive to handle the frustration of failure and may get 'burnt out'.

By-Rote Combinations

Do not believe that practicing "by rote" 1-2-3,etc. type "responses" to street attacks is a viable or particularly useful training exercise.

Catholic Self Defense

Note: I wrote this essay regarding the development of Tekkenryu jujutsu. However, I think it is applicable for all methods of self defense.

Bogu Training

About four years ago Carl recommended we start using the Bogu during our kumite (sparring practice). This method was developed in Okinawa and then found its way into mainland Japan and eventually to the U.

Im Soooo Confused...

I was going to write about the BASICS of "practical unarmed combat". Things like a solid and productive core of strength training, development of real speed and power.

Content, Are We?

I asked a simple question at the last seminar:"How much has everyone improved in the year since we last got together?"I've practiced the same basics everyday for decades.Everyday Rain or shine.

Does It Hurt When I Do This?

Let me tell you something. I don't bruise too easily.

The Dojo

Just as an aside. For those who would "box" us in to specific "category".

Elements of Unarmed Combat

Custom build your own personal "system":Useful areas of training and study to find, train and develop the various "parts" -To develop STRIKING: Western BOXING Savate Muay Thai (Burmese Boxing) Jiu Jitsu ATEMI Old style KEMPOTo develop GRAPPLING: Catch/Freestyle Wrestling Greco-Roman Wrestling JUDO Sambo (Real SAMBO/SOMBO) Brazilian JujutsuA comprehensive study of the above will provide methods applicable to ANY so-called "ranges" of combat.They will also provide ALL "techniques" necessary -Striking, punching, kicking, knees, elbows, headbutts, biting, gouging, ripping, clawing, crushing, joint breaking(from the neck to the ankles), throws, trips, take-downs, strangles, chokeholds, and other assorted "nasties".

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Transport news:

Transport sector targets 2% contribution to GDP: Nitin Gadkari
Economic Times
KOLKATA: Construction of express ways on major routes and development of waterways are among the steps government is taking to achieve its target of raising transport sector's contribution to the GDP to 2 per cent, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said today.

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Bangkok Post

Cabinet approves B1.8 trillion in transport projects
Bangkok Post
The cabinet on Tuesday approved a Transport Ministry action plan calling for construction of 1.8 trillion baht in infrastructure projects to jump start the economy. The endorsement of the 20 projects puts into gear the government's plans to improve the ...
Cabinet nod for Transport Ministry mega-project planThe Nation
Thai cabinet approves $US 50bn transport planInternational Railway Journal

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'Ineffective, expensive' transport takes toll on SA's poor
TRANSPORT is still more expensive, proportionately, for low-income households in SA than it is for their wealthier counterparts, statistician-general Pali Lehohla said on Tuesday. Briefing reporters on a number of studies that Statistics SA conducted, ...
SA's poorest households spend too much on transport – Stats SAEyewitness News
Poor spend too much on
From e-tolls to taxis… Expensive transport in SA hits poor people the hardestCapeTalk

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Bydgoszcz residents left without public transport amid protest
Andrzej Arendt, head of the Trade Union of the City Transport Workers, the largest trade union at MZK, says the company's staff had informed the city mayor about their demands, the most urgent of which was the dismissal of chief executive Łukasz ...

ITF launches six transport policy papers in time for COP21
ITS International
Transport generates 23 per cent of global CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. This share needs to fall to stay within the two degree Celsius scenario for climate mitigation. The International Transport Forum has launched six concise analyses on ...

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Jamaica Gleaner

Work stalls on Jamintel building - Transport Authority yet to get green light ...
Jamaica Gleaner
Almost seven moths after it received Cabinet's approval to spend $370 million to renovate the former Jamaica International Telecommunications Ltd (Jamintel) building in downtown Kingston, which it recently bought from the Urban Development Corporation ...

The Rio Times

Special Public Transport Ticket Available in Rio for Olympics
The Rio Times
RIO DE JANEIRO – Users of public transport will be able to purchase one ticket to make several journeys during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games (August 5th to September 18th 2016), the Department for Transport has announced. The Cartão ...


Strike to halt transport, services in Greece on Thursday
Workers are to walk off the job on Thursday in the second general strike under the SYRIZA-led government, disrupting public services and transport. The 24-hour strike, which has been called by the country's two main labor unions, will leave most public ...


Public transport to be disrupted during Thursday's strike
The strike has been organized in response to planned reforms of the social security system, which may lead to further cuts in pensions and benefits. A rally at Parliament in downtown Athens is also planned. Public transport workers, including ferry ...

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The Independent

Britain's transport signage is celebrating its 50th birthday
The Independent
They are icons of the everyday, and arguably one of our nation's greatest 20th-century design achievements, and yet they rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve. But this year, Britain's road signs are celebrating their 50th birthday, as is the ...

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